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So the first part of my trip begins in Moab, Utah at Arches National Park at sunrise and as I sit here I'm begining to regret the 5 hr. hike that I took through the park. Why you ask? Well let's start with forgetting my sunscreen, I don't believe that even needs an explaination, and then move on to the fact that I can barely walk today, when a trail says beginner that's what I expect, and finally where is the flying sand warning, let's just say I spent all night blowing my nose.

But in all seriousness it was beautiful and I saw some the most amazing thing I will remember for the rest of my life.

From the plane

Arches at sunrise

That would be me

A very entertaining chipmonk

The little blue blob is my Dad

My mom and dad

A very dead tree


  1. Gorgeous images! I just love the photo of your mom and dad!! On a side note... if the sunburn is bothersome, Vick Salve(sp?) is the answer! My mom got a horrible burn on a Florida vacation and it was the last thing we had to try - she was literally in tears until we slathered it all over her and then - instant relief!

  2. These are all such beautiful pictures! What an amazing trip!

  3. Beautiful pictures! All of them. They should have been enlarged, framed and hung on the wall

  4. I'm from Salt Lake City, I love Moab, there is some seriously beautiful scenery there!

  5. Your pictures are amazing! My husband has been to Moab and he keeps raving about it and saying we just have to go!

  6. beautiful pictures!

  7. Utah is stunning and you pictures show that. I can't wait to go b ack there someday.

  8. Amazing amazing pictures. I would so love a picture of my parents like that.

  9. Lovely! You've gtot some pretty dramatic shots there.

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