Week #20-Sillouhettes

4:49 PM

This was at my cousin's wedding.  I love this picture so much because it was a total accident.  I was just adjusting my camera settings and had no idea that I took this.  When I got home and started editting I was pleasantly surprised!!!

I entered this in a contest at www.iheartfaces.com 


  1. Very nice. I love wedding photos. I love the black and white too!!

  2. Gorgeous! And I love that you can tell that the man on the left is smiling/talking/something. :D

  3. Beautiful photo!

  4. Oh wow, this is really beautiful. Such a wonderful moment captured.

  5. This is beautiful

  6. Just an incredible photo. I love accidental shots like this--and yours is perfect!

  7. i'm so glad that you are following me now ... because i saw your picture earlier and didn't take time to comment but i really wanted to say this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. gorgeous. a bit of a timeless feel to it.

  8. That is a beautiful shot!

  9. Beautiful picture...

  10. Beautiful!

  11. Holy cow...love this! Don't ya love those little surprises when you download your photos?!

  12. Love this photo...what a beautiful photo to have of your wedding day!

  13. Now this, Candy, is a WONDERFUL accident! I love it! Love it so much. Really fabulous shot!

  14. A very pleasant accident! I adore your shot. Amazing how everyone shows up so well in silhouette. ♥

  15. Beautiful photo...it's hard to believe it was an accident!!

  16. THAT is GORGEOUS! Perfect timing!
    Love, Alyssa @ CrazyBusy

  17. Nothing like a happy accident!

    It's really amazing.

  18. This is a great photo.

    B Dad

  19. So so beautiful! This is a classic pic she will treasure forever!

  20. BEAUTIFUL! Love it!

  21. Oh my super yummy wedding picture... I would blow that up gigantimous and frame the sucker! WOW!

    Is it the dad and the groom or just random dudes?? how funny would that be!

  22. This is an amazing shot! I hope that couple as enjoyed this shot as much! Keep shooting!

  23. Wow, Melissa! This is gorgeous! I'm shooting a wedding this weekend...hope I accidently end up w/ something just as beautiful! Don't you just love how some of the BEST photos aren't even deliberate! Just goes to show that LIFE is what's beautiful...and it makes photography look good! ;)

  24. What a magical moment to capture. I love that it is black and white.

  25. This is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  26. what a nice surprise!

  27. Beautiful and memorable pic! Awesome!

  28. WOW!!!! I love this...looks like a winner to me.

  29. i love happy accidents. how delightful.

  30. this is it, and i'm in awe.

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